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Do parental interventions affect motor skills?

Updated: Feb 20, 2023

A study in Denmark looked at how parent intervention and guidance can help children develop motor skills. The two groups studied were the infant motor development of parents who received the educational program/intervention (experimental) vs the group that received no outside intervention (control). The intervention parents were given training by nurses through educational videos, and they were given toys and videos for their children to watch that could help with their development. The toys included items like balls and teething toys to encourage the infants to learn grasping, reaching, and other major motor skills. Even though the parents in the intervention group received extra resources and tools to help their infants’ motor development, the results of the study showed no significant difference in motor development between the control and experimental groups. This could be due to many reasons including the intervention program not being in-depth or very different from how most parents encourage motor development. The results of the study might not have shown major differences, but it should not discourage parents from attempting to help their children in their motor development. Despite this study not having significant results, parent intervention and guidance can also be important for the infants to develop and create a bond with their parents.

Written by Ella Benec.


Pedersen, M. R. L., Ibsen, B., Dinkel, D., Møller, N. C., & Hestbæk, L. (2023). The Effect of a Parent-Directed Program to Improve Infants’ Motor Skills. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 20(3), 1999. MDPI AG. Retrieved from

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