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Parenting in the East Asian Community

In the qualitative research study, The Influence of Culture on Parenting Practices of East Asian Families and Emotional Intelligence of Older Adolescents, Helen Y. Sung aims to determine whether there is a relationship between Eastern Asian families’ parenting styles and their adolescent’s emotional intelligence. Sampling 20 families, a mix of 40 Chinese and Korean participants– 20 parents and 20 adolescents (16-20 years old) - they conducted structured interviews with each participant and discerned common patterns of parenting associated with the adolescent’s level of emotional intelligence. They found that an acculturated parenting style where the family emphasizes both individualistic and collectivistic cultural values led to adolescents with higher levels of emotional intelligence. On the other hand, parents who were purely authoritarian led to reports of lower levels of emotional intelligence from adolescents. The results suggest that those with higher emotional intelligence from the positively associated parenting style led to adolescents with an increased sense of respect, self-worth, and proactivity in the community.

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